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Teaching Session #35 - Sun 13th Dec 6.30pm
Jesus as the Messiah

Main speaker - Bogi Kozma (Christian Witness to Israel)
Leader for the evening - David Wilkins

Bogi Kozma will be joining us from Budapest, and bringing us a view of Jesus in the Old Testament from a Jewish perspective.

Bogi writes:
"Close your eyes and imagine Jesus! What can you see? A handsome guy with long hair and a stylish beard?  Let him speak to you! What can you hear? He probably has a calming voice speaking of love, understanding and accepting positivity… So often we have a picture of Jesus in our minds and when reading our Bible we filter the message through our 21st-century way of understanding.

But what if I say that the shout of John the Baptist “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” has more in it than a simple idea of a blameless, cute little animal? What if I say that the same John in the prison had legitimate doubts based on the Jewish understanding about the Messiah? Or even the “small miracles” of Jesus – like walking on the sea – were special proof of him being the Son of Man?"

On Sunday 13 December Bogi Kozma and David Wilkins will have a look at Jesus through the eyes of those Jewish people surrounding him from his birth, to his return to heaven, thus opening a deeper understanding of his words and deeds. 
Bogi Kozma is a member of CWI (Christian Witness to Israel) one of the UK’s longest standing missionary organisations reaching out to the Jewish people with the news that Jesus is the Christ.

 6.30pm  |  Talk  |  Facebook 
~7.10pm | Q&A Discussion | Facebook 
(to watch and use comments) or Zoom (to participate)

Resources available from the session:

Since the Bible Stream is now streamed online, there is the option to watch the video, or still just the audio as previously.  
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       Bogi Kozma's info' and resources:
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Graham Wilkins, 10/11/2020