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Teaching Session #28 - 9 February 2020

The Book of Job
Main speaker - Stephen Greasley
Leader for the evening - David Wilkins

Stephen writes:
"The book of Job in the Old Testament is one attempt to tackle the perennial problem of why righteous people suffer. Job was a man of exemplary moral and spiritual credentials and yet a series of tragedies befall him that bring the man to the verge of despair. Feeble attempts to explain this suffering are attempted by the 'Friends' of Job. They reflect a mainstream theological explanation which is still popular today but which the author of the book wishes to roundly condemn. The Book of Job is long and at times tedious and difficult to follow, but it offers a fresh approach to the problem and one which remains very relevant for all of us today. The concerns handled in the book could not be more pastorally vital as we deal every day with these issues and need to be so careful that the words we use are sound and considerate. Too often insensitive and thoughtless words can cause untold hurt and damage to people going through the cauldron of suffering."


Resources from the session:

        Bible teaching audio


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Graham Wilkins, 26/01/2020