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Teaching Session #3 - 9 July 2017

The book of Exodus   
        main speaker - Bernie Pinner
        leader for the evening - Tim Barrow


Exodus for Dummies.
I am no great theologian but simply someone who enjoys studying the Bible and sharing what I have discovered with others seeking to know more about God.  For 18 chapters Exodus is an action packed story just waiting for someone to create another film. But what sort of loving God would inflict the suffering the Egyptians had to face? Does God send punishment on the human race today?
I couldn’t put the book down. The Israelites reach Mt Sinai where God delivers the 10 commandments. Why did Moses tell the Israelites to abstain from sex?  God didn’t tell him to do that.  How many times does Moses really go up and down the mountain?
Why is it that I am not so excited about the second half of the book, the laws and the religious content?  Anyway, how can they apply to my life two thousand years later? Life is very different today.
I am sure some of you have had the same thoughts. What started as a great read becomes a race to get on to the next book.
So why not pick up your Bible and travel through Exodus and explore it with me. 

Bernie Pinner




Audio recording of the teaching


Question and answer session