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The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry
Sermon Series

Sept - Oct 2021 

John Ortberg defines the essence of hurry quite simply as ‘too much to do’. John Mark Comer says that hurry is the enemy of a spiritual life.
Join us in this 7 week sermon series, inspired by the book of the same title by John Mark Comer. 

Study Booklet 

We have produced a booklet to accompany the new Friendship sermon series, which contains bible readings and questions.
You can use the material in your small groups, trios or on your own.

Click here for to view and download the study booklet: 
PDF Version
DOC Text Version

REH Booklet Cover V4



Week 1 | Diagnosis

Week 2 | Invitation

Week 3 |  Silence & Solitude   


Week 4 | Sabbath (Part 1)

Week 5 | Sabbath (Part 2)

Week 6 | Simplicity 

Week 7 | Slowing