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2021 Sermon Series

How do we nurture belonging during Covid-19? I am suggesting that it is possible to build a Christian community during a pandemic. The Judaeo-Christian scriptures give plenty of inspiration to engage in practices that not just sustains life but provides an avenue where life both collectively and individually to thrive. God’s renewal of God’s church is an outcome of the sustained practices in daily life in communities. So, in the next 3 months we are going to be focusing on 4 habits- practices we cultivate at home, home-groups, trio, frontline and the church to nurture belonging in bewildering times. 

        - Rev Saju Muthalaly

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Sun 10th Jan
Week 1: Introduction

Sun 17th Jan
Week 2: Embracing Gratitude As a Way of Life

Sun 24th Jan
Week 3: Making and Keeping Promises

Sun 31st Jan
Week 4: Living Truthfully

Sun 14th Feb
Week 5: Practicing Hospitality

Sun 21st Feb
Week 6: Gratitude 

Click here for the 30 Days of Thanksgiving booklet:
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Sun 28th Feb
Week 7: Promises

Sun 14th Mar
Week 8: Truth Telling


Sun 21st Mar
Week 9: Practicing Hospitality                                  


Sun 28th Mar
Week 10: Hospitality