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Teaching Session #34 - Sun 8th Nov 6.30pm
The Gospel of Mark

Main speaker - Christine Cordle 
Leader for the evening - Bernie Pinner

Chris writes:
"Ever wonder why there are four Gospels?
 Imagine you want to show someone Mount Everest, one photograph could not show all the details of the mountain. Instead many photos taken from different angles would be needed to capture the full picture.  The Gospels each tell us a part of the story of Jesus. Mark is a fast paced, exciting book, a news bulletin of Jesus’ life. Join us as we delve into the Gospel of Mark and learn that ‘Surely Jesus is the Son of God.’ 

Have your Bible ready, bring an open and enquiring mind and as always plenty of questions.

Resources from the session:

Since the Bible Stream is now streamed online, there is the option to watch the video, or still just the audio as previously.  
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