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The 'Long Walk to Freedom' Series

St Mark's tends to run sermons in series. 
To find other sermons which are not listed here, or to be able to download one, please use THIS LINK which is the general audio files database which has good search functions and more information about each audio file.

In this series, we will be exploring an often-neglected book of the Old Testament.  The journey of the People of Israel so often reflects our own spiritual journey; in the Hebrew Scriptures the word used for the book means "In the Desert", a word which can also in English mean lost, longing for something, or bewilderment, a very relevant meaning for how we often feel.  Most of the series will be taught by the Vicar of St Mark's, Saju Muthalaly.
There is a study booklet to go with this series, for personal and Small Group use.  To access this, please CLICK HERE

10, The Long Walk of the Risen One - Saju Muthalaly, 21 April 2019

9. Bronze Snake on the Long Walk - Saju Muthalaly, 31 March 2019

8. Providence on the Long Walk - Amanda Maskell, 24 March 2019 

7. Holiness on the Long Walk - Saju Muthalaly, 17 March 2019

6. Rebellion and Prayer on the Long Walk - Saju Muthalaly, 10 March 2019

5. What made Joshua and Caleb different? - Amanda Maskell, 17 February 2019 

4. The Weight of Discouragement - Peter Guinness, 10 February 2019

3. Complaint - Saju Muthalaly, 27 January 2019

2. Bewilderment - Saju Muthalaly, 20 January 2019

1. Introduction - Saju Muthalaly, 13 January 2019