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Teaching Session #53 - Sunday 11th December 2022 6.30pm
The Books of Malachi and Obadiah

Main speaker - Graham Wilkins 
Host for the evening - David Wilkins

Graham writes:
"Why these two books, and why together? The prophecies of Malachi relate very closely to the time of Ezra, and the writing of the books of Chronicles; Malachi refers to the demise of Edom, and Obadiah is a prophecy solely aimed at Edom.  So we have a kind of chain linking these prophecies and the teaching we looked at last month.  Also, Jesus quotes Malachi in one of the readings set for the C of E today, as it relates to John the Baptist so very suitable for the time of Advent".

Resources after the session: 

       Video of Bible teaching
       Audio of Bible teaching
       PowerPoint as a pdf document
       Comments and Discussion video
       Comments and Discussion audio