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Teaching Session #25 - 10 November 2019

The Book of Jonah
Main speaker - Tim Barrow
Leader for the evening - David Wilkins

Tim writes:

The story of the prophet Jonah is remarkably modern and speaks to believers today.
This fast-moving narrative reveals the heart of God, the heart of Jonah, and in the process illuminates, sometimes disturbingly, the reader’s own heart.
In it we learn that God is in the business of relentlessly pursuing rebel believers, and that there is a ‘slice’ of Jonah in each one of us! God exposed Jonah to his own idols – those things that hindered or took the place of God in his life. God eventually confronted him with his tribal heart, and God’s missional heart, that he may freely choose between them.
Our study of the book will deal with introductory items such as the message, authenticity and historical background of Jonah, as well as the flow of narrative and its application.

Bring your Bibles and your insatiable curiosity along (ask us lots of questions). Free tea and coffee are available throughout.


Resources now available after the session:

         Bible teaching audio


         Comments and Discussion audio

            Tim's PowerPoint 


            Tim's PowerPoint as a .pdf file