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Teaching Session #20 - 14 April 2019

Paul's letter to the Galatians
Main speaker - David Wilkins
Leader for the evening - Bernie Pinner

David writes:
An Adventure In Missing The Point?
Paul’s letter to the Galatians (long seen as Paul’s first) is highly unusual in many ways. It’s possible to believe he wrote it on a day when he was in a towering temper. And indeed one of his biographers has suggested that he was still a “young and zealous,” pastor instead of the calmer and gentler soul we meet in his letters to Timothy. At the same time his letter contains many well known verses such as his statement that we are all one in Christ Jesus. His letter to Galatia is both an angry and broken-hearted letter where he begs his church to return to the gospel he preached rather than be lead astray by false teachings. But what was it really about? What does he mean when he refers to “the law” instead of faith? Is it possible we’ve been looking at those verses with a Gentile brain? And most of all what does the letter to the Galatians teach us today about how we present the gospel to people and what gospel we present to the world? David and Bernie will attempt an answer to these and more tricky questions on Sunday April 14th. Bring your Bibles, and be ready to debate and question what we say. As ever, free tea and coffee will be available throughout.


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