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Teaching Session #36 - Sun 10th Jan 2021 6.30pm
Grill the Bible Teacher

Main speaker - Various
Host for the evening - Graham Wilkins


This first Bible Teaching Stream of the new year sees our second Q and A evening. We will meet over Zoom with some of our Bible Stream teachers who will answer questions from a biblical perspective, and about the Bible itself.  Do you have a burning question about some of the teachings in the Bible? Have you ever wondered if certain traditions in the Bible are correct?

This evening followed the principles of our last questions evening (#27 | Q+A session) where the panel answered questions that had been sent in beforehand, and the virtual congregation were able to respond to those answers.   The questions put to the panel were these:
Q1: The Church seems to teach that we go to heaven when we die and we have many pictures or ideas about what this could be like.  But does the Bible support this idea?
Q2: We often hear the love passage of 1 Corinthians 13 in weddings, is this a misuse of the passage?
Q3: What does the Bible have to say about the current coronavirus pandemic, and what biblical principles can we apply to the current situation?
Q4: There are many passages declaring the divinity of Jesus. If Jesus is God, why are there certain things he does not have knowledge of?? For example:? Who can sit at the Fathers left or right? He does not know the day or time of the second coming, only the Father.?
I have understood the Trinity as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Equal. Presumably they are not. Please explain

Audio and Video from the session:

    Audio of the whole session      
    Video of the introduction and Question 1 
    Video of Question 2
    Video of Question 3
    Video of Question 4 and end