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Teaching Session #7 - 14 January 2018

The book of Revelation
Main speaker - David Wilkins
Leader for the evening - Peter Guinness


David writes:

Revelation - where will this all end?
Revelation is a book that entices and alarms at the same time.  Few books in the Bible have attracted more questions, debates, arguments and controversies.  Some have simply dismissed it  altogether as  too confusing or indeed too frightening, and prefer to turn to the Gospel of Mark, or to the book of Acts.  They at least require little interpretation, and don’t give you a headache.  Others meanwhile have used Revelation to back their own views on the state of  world, their own views on when Jesus will come back, or to argue for or against the state of Israel, the European Union, politicians and presidents they do not agree with and much much more.  So how in the midst of all of this do we try and work out what Revelation really means, and  how we as believers should use it wisely?  January’s Bible stream is an attempt to find the answer. 



Bible teaching - David Wilkins    


Comments and Discussion - led by Peter Guinness