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Teaching Session #56 - Sunday 19th March 2023 6.30pm
The Book of Numbers

Main speaker - David Wilkins 
Host for the evening - Bernie Pinner

David writes:
"What happens when the standards God gives us, and the world that we live in collide? This question was relevant when the book of Numbers was written many years after the events, and is just as relevant today.

Exodus is the escape - God acting in the real world; Leviticus tells of the standards by which the Israelites should live in this real world; in Numbers we find out what happens next. The result appears to be total chaos and failure. The people complain, rebel, and are punished and then start all over again and are even condemned to forty years in the desert for chickening out of entering their new land. Even this punishment appears to teach them nothing. How could this be? And what does God (to say nothing of Moses) do about it? Moreover how is Numbers relevant to us today, and how can we answer the common objection that the numbers of people in this book are so wildly unrealistic that they simply have to be made up. And why does the New Testament use the book of Numbers as a warning to Christians about not yielding to temptation?"

David Wilkins will attempt to answer these and other questions on Sunday 19 March. As ever bring a notebook, a Bible and lots and lots of questions.

Resources after the session: 

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