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Teaching Session #51 - Sunday 9th October 2022 6.30pm
The Book of Zechariah

Main speaker - Bernie Pinner 
Host for the evening - Mike McLochlan

Bernie writes:
"'Build the temple, build your future.'
It did not help when I could not understand how two overviews of Zechariah could be so different, all became clear when I noticed I was reading Zephaniah by mistake! I will be attempting to unpack some 'dreams', reveal the encouragement to those who have returned to Jerusalem from exile and try to capture the promises of the future Messiah. Commentators have said that the book speaks directly into the current days and I am sure this has been the case for each generation. For example, is our current economic state due to government policy or does God have a hand in our misfortune?"


Resources after the session: 

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