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Teaching Session #54 - Sunday 8th January 2023 6.30pm
The Book of Leviticus

Main speaker - Peter Guinness 
Host for the evening - Bernie Pinner

Peter writes:
"Leviticus is rarely read.  Little of it is included in the church’s lectionary.  Is it irrelevant to Christians?  Why can we ignore many of the rules in this book, and yet some Christians demand that some of them, even harsh ones, be kept?  Is there anything in Leviticus that’s important for us ?  It is a big challenge but I shall try my best to encourage you to focus on some key ideas that are there.  Because it rambles through stuff that seems irrelevant to us I shall produce a bullet point outline of the book to help you find your way to key elements.  I hope to see you there.".

Resources after the session: 

       Video of Bible teaching
       Audio of Bible teaching
       Study Notes pdf file
       Comments and Discussion video
       Comments and Discussion audio