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Teaching Session #47 - Sunday 13th March 6.30pm
The Book of the Minor Prophet Haggai

Main speaker - Clifford Denton 
Host for the evening - David Wilkins

Clifford writes:
"The prophet Haggai brought a number of short prophecies to the nation of Judah. Whilst they are short and the entire Book only two chapters long, the context is wide and the relevance goes on to our own day. Judah was sent to captivity in Babylon for seventy years on account of the nation's falling away from God and His ways. Now they had returned to their land. Naturally, they wanted to settle down again into their own homes, but they neglected the priority of the Temple, their meeting place with God, central to their whole life. Despite their return to their land, things were not easy again, so God's voice, through the Prophet Haggai, interpreted the signs in the nation."

Have your Bible ready, bring an open and enquiring mind and as always plenty of questions. 


Resources from the session: 

       Video of Bible teaching
       Audio of Bible teaching
       Comments and Discussion video
       Comments and Discussion audio