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Teaching Session #23 - 8 September 2019

The book of Joel
Main speaker - Stephen Greasley
Leader for the evening - Rob Byrne

Stephen writes:
"The 12 minor prophets are some of the most neglected parts of the Bible, and yet the messages they each bring are brimming with meaning and relevance for today. The Book of Joel is no exception. It is short, containing only three chapters, and yet it has a highly distinctive and memorable message that is easy to digest and understand. While some Old Testament books are difficult to fathom, and even harder to relate to today's society, Joel stands out for its simplicity of content and the immediacy of its message. All Christians who are interested in the nature of true prayer, and have a heart ache for revival, will find a soul mate in Joel. He points us towards repentance as the key to spiritual revival, a message that needs desperately to be heard afresh by the Church in the 21st century."


Resources available from the session:

        Bible teaching audio

           Link to the Locusts video (Youtube link)


        Comments and Discussion audio



Graham Wilkins, 29/08/2019