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Teaching Session #33 - Sun 11th Oct 6.30pm
Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians

Main speaker - Graham Wilkins
Leader for the evening - David Wilkins

Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians is colourful, hard-hitting and a source of some of the best loved passages in Scripture. Think of Chapter 13 on love, Chapter 11 on communion, Chapters 12 and 14 on the Spirit.  It is chocked full of how to live as a child of God in a secular and pagan world. Let’s see this letter as a whole and understand the call of God on our lives as we see the breadth and depth found in this letter.

Resources available from the session - 

Since the Bible Stream is now streamed online, there is the option to watch the video, or still just the audio as previously.  
       Bible teaching video
       Bible teaching audio
        Map of Greece showing cities Paul visited before Corinth
       Comments and Discussion video
       Comments and Discussion audio
        Graham's stripped down paraphrase, used in the teaching
Graham Wilkins, 14/09/2020