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Teaching Session #40 - Sunday 9th May 6.30pm
The Book of Joshua

Main speaker - David Wilkins 
Host for the evening - Graham Wilkins

David writes:
"After reading the books of Moses (especially Leviticus and Deuteronomy) Joshua seems short, simple and to the point. That is until you get half way through to the land distribution section and it’s quite tempting to forget the rest and turn to the book of Judges. But Joshua is the tale of how the people of Israel came to fulfill the promises made to Moses and enter the Promised Land. Central to the book is that God is faithful and keeps the promises he makes despite Israel’s ability to mess things up.
But how do we reconcile a seemingly bloodthirsty and “imperialistic” book with the teachings of Jesus? Especially when the names Joshua and Jesus are the same in Hebrew. Is there even a contradiction? Did the sun really stop and the moon stand still and the walls of Jericho really fall down?
What can we learn from this book which while seemingly so far removed from our time, still contains verses well known to the church today, including a key verse that inspired Bible Stream?"

Resources from the session:

Since the Bible Stream is now streamed online, there is the option to watch the video, or still just the audio as previously.  
       Bible teaching video 
       Bible teaching audio
       Comments and Discussion video
       Comments and Discussion audio
            The conquests of Israel   (courtesy of Lion Publishing)
            The tribes of Israel 1        (courtesy of Lion Publishing)           
            The tribes of Israel 2