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Teaching Session #32 - 13 September 2020

The Book of Proverbs
Main speaker - Bernie Pinner
Leader for the evening - Graham Wilkins

Bernie writes:
"While in Uganda earlier this year my friend Paul was approached by a local man who offered him one of his daughters to be his wife. This gave us some amusement and every time we joked about it Paul would simply say he was “happily single”. He also would quote from Proverbs, “A continual dripping on a rainy day and a contentious wife are alike.” Is this why Jesus was not married? When I got home I just had to have a look for any positive comments about a wife in Proverbs. I discovered far more words of wisdom than I expected.
In my younger days the t-shirt of choice for Christians had “ I am a fool for Christ “ on the front and on the back it said “Who’s fool are you?“ Proverbs says a lot about foolish people and how they live, it offers advice on how we deal with people and our relationships with them. Paul quoted from this book when writing in Romans “If your enemies are hungry, give them bread to eat ... for you will heap coals of fire on their heads.” Proverbs 25:21,22
 So if you want to become one of the wisest people in the Medway Towns why don’t you join us for a brief look at this book."

Have your Bible ready, bring an open and enquiring mind and as always plenty of questions. Log onto the St Mark’s Facebook page for the online Bible Stream at 6.30, Sunday 13 September.

New! option to also join in on the Q and A by Zoom. This was after the main teaching session (after 7pm).

N.B. - the Q&A Zoom session was streamed to the Facebook feed, which produced issues with serious echoes.  The video and audio sessions below don't suffer these issues so badly.

Resources available after the session:

Since the Bible Stream is now streamed online, there is the option to watch the video, or still just the audio as previously.  
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Introduction to the evening video            Introduction to the evening audio
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Comments and Discussion video             Comments and Discussion audio
Graham Wilkins, 13/07/2020