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Teaching Session #11 - 13 May 2018

The Letter to the Philippians
Main speaker - Martyn Saunders (Vicar of Pip & Jim's, Walderslade)
Leader for the evening - Graham Wilkins


Martyn writes:
Philippian church life was goodish - this Roman outpost in Greece was a mixture of swathe ex-military types, most of them Italians, and passionate locals who together were working out how to keep on growing in Christ. They had their problems as all multi-cultural churches do, I suspect they had a few typically plate-smashing Greek rows, and some calm considered conversations over their 1st century equivalent of cappuccinos with clear outcomes and goals which included supporting Paul wherever he was. The letter to the church then comes to thank them for their support and to bring reminders of Paul's teaching including to rejoice in the Lord whilst considering the way of Christ in laying aside his majesty. There's a rallying cry for us too then in this letter to abundance, not an abundance of possessions, but to an abundance of joy, of wisdom, of discernment and all things good in God's sight. Will you join us in looking at Philippians as we attempt to differentiate good from merely goodish?



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