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Teaching Session #57 - Sunday 11th June 2023 6.30pm
The Book of Jeremiah

Main speaker - Graham Wilkins 
Host for the evening - T.B.C.

Graham writes:
"Jeremiah is known for being a very gloomy prophet - always talking of death and destruction.  But in this book we see God at the end of His tether, so to speak, with the people of Judah as they ignore His requirements and worship the awful idols of the people groups around them.  The Northern Kingdom of Israel was dismantled nearly 100 years before, and seismic shifts in the powerful empires around them were about to engulf them in a similar way, but the people and their leadership saw the temple as more of a talisman than the place where God met man.  Jeremiah was a thorn in the side of the kings of Judah, as he faithfully passed on God's message to each of them - the same message as prophets down the ages - turn back to God and be blessed, or continue as you are and be destroyed.  Yet as always, there is a glimmer of hope amongst the gloom."

As ever bring a notebook, a Bible and lots and lots of questions!

Resources after the session: 

       Video of Bible teaching
       Audio of Bible teaching
       Comments and Discussion video
       Comments and Discussion audio