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Sunday Evenings - Bible Teaching Stream 

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Welcome to the pages for Bible Teaching Stream at St.Mark's. These sessions happen every second Sunday of the month in the evenings.  We aim to mix in-depth teaching of the Bible with the accessibility of being able to question the Bible teacher and make comments. The sessions have a two part structure with a speaker teaching on a whole book of the Bible, followed by a discussion where anyone can comment or question the teacher.

In the menu on the right you will find the videos and audio from previous Bible Stream sessions, along with other additional resources.

Since 8th August 2021 we have been back in church!

This means that we aren't on Zoom any more, but still live stream to Facebook and respond to questions and comments from there as well as in the building.

The evening starts at 6.30pm with the teaching, which is typically 30 to 45 minutes.  We then open up to comments and questions, finishing usually between 7.40pm and 8pm.

We will keep the cameras off the congregation at all times including during the Q and A session, as we don't want to put anyone off coming in person.

Currently there will still be some Covid restrictions in place, so we would ask everyone to bring a mask and register with the QR code, or else give their name, address and a contact telephone number or email address when they arrive.

Next session...   Sun 10th October 2021 | 6.30pm 

                             The books of 1 and 2 Kings with Graham Wilkins

We want to let the Bible speak for itself, and not use Bible stream to make a personal point or promote a hobby horse. Indeed it is important that we point out where the Bible challenges any tradition, and to be ready to allow it to slaughter our sacred cows.
Tom Wright has described this approach in this way:

" pay the fullest possible attention to scripture in both its details and its broad sweep, and to allow the biblical writers to set the agenda rather than forcing on them a scheme of thought that does not do them justice. This task is made harder still by the traditions of thought, prayer, spirituality, and ethics in various parts of the church. Here again my aim is always to allow scripture to enter into dialogue with traditions, including those traditions that think of themselves as biblical, and to critique them when they are less than fully in accordance with scripture.”
Paragraph 1, Chapter 5, Surprised by Scripture, N.T. Wright, ISBN 978-0-06-223054-6

Graham Wilkins, 12/05/2020