Special Services and Other Audio

This is a page for audio other than our Sunday sermons series.
To find other audio which is not listed here, please use THIS LINK to go to the general audio files where you can search by speaker, Bible passage , date etc., and also have the option to download files.

Grace and encouragement - George Verwer, 14 April 2019

Palm Sunday 2019 - Amanda Maskell, 7 April 2019

Family Service Talk - Henry Cooper/Mariam Shergill, 3 March 2019


Saju Muthalaly’s Licensing Service Sermon - The Archdeacon of Rochester, 24 February 2019

Whats Love got to do with it - Amanda Maskell, 3 February 2019


What will we bring to Jesus? - Rebecca Lucy, 6 January 2019


New beginnings - Christine Cordle, 30 December 2018

Jesus Forgives the Adulterous Woman - Saju Muthalaly, 28 October 2018 morning


Workshop Stream - Does St Marks live up to its Mission Statement?  #2 - Phil Moore - 30 Sept 2018 am

Doing things with God and not for God - Rajshekar Moorthy - 14 October morning

Hope in Hopeless Circumstances - Terry Whittaker - 7 October morning


'Israel is Host' - Rev Anne Richardson - 24 June morning


Workshop Stream - Does St Marks live up to its Mission Statement? - Phil Moore, London City Mission - 17 June 2018 evening

Remembering - Terry Whittaker sermon on Father's Day - 17 June 2018

What is God doing in India - India 2018 Team - 6 May 2018 morning

India 2018 Commissioning - Rev Irshad John - 8 April 2018 morning

Prophecy workshop with Sam Vincett, Southend Vineyard - 18 February evening

Coming home to the Father - Saju Muthalaly - 12 November Remembrance Sunday morning

Child baptism and becoming part of the church - Amanda Maskell 29/10/2017 morning

Licensing service for Terry Whittaker 08/10/2017 evening


The Kingdom of God, the ingredients of faith - Eniola (Ade) Adeoye 03/09/2017 morning

The Kingdom of God, the rich young man - Hermine Groenewald 06/08/2017 morning

The Kingdom of God, the sower and the soil - Lynne Martin 13/08/2017 morning

The Kingdom of God, the two builders - Margaret Weston 20/08/2017 morning

The Kingdom of God, the treasure and the pearl - Saju Muthalaly 27/08/2017 morning

Access to God through Jesus - Martha Prankard 30/07/2017 morning


Testimony by Mo Chen, God's faithfuness during cancer treatment


Mission to Chatham Waters - Saju Muthalaly and Terry Whittaker 25/06/2017 morning

Thy Kingdom Come - Ven. Simon Burton-Jones - United Pentecost service 04/06/2017 evening

The Truth of Jesus - Becky Cooper 30/04/2017 morning service with Infant Baptisms

Easter morning 2017 - The Resurrection - Peter Guinness 16/04/2017am


Tear Fund - Hunger and what we can do to make the world a better place - Liz Resch 5/3/2017am

Reconciliation - Haris Giannaros at United service for North Gillingham churches 22/1/2017pm


Mission to India meeting 9th January 2017

Interview with Paul Perkin 8/5/16