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Teaching Session #41 - Sunday the 8th August  6.30pm
The Book of Isaiah

Main speaker - Bernie Pinner 
Host for the evening - Raymond Shergill


This will be a re-run of the July session where we had technical issues with the video streaming so that it was very hard to follow what Bernie was saying.  We will be back in church this time, and welcome a live congregation! Please check the main Bible Stream page for details on how this will work for the time being.

Bernie writes:
"A local vicar told me that there were 3 books of the bible to avoid like the plague, Isaiah being one of the three. It is difficult to understand, it jumps about all over the place with poetry and history merging together. It does not help that there is more than one writer involved who constantly edit what Isaiah originally wrote.
However, after reading R.T.Kendal’s book ‘ The Christian and the Pharisee’ where it was clear that Jews and Christians do not see eye to eye regarding the interpretation of Isaiah, especially with respect to references that we see as being clear references to Jesus, I wanted to find out what makes us so certain that we are right. It came as a bit of a shock to find out that the reference in chapter 7, that we hear during our Christmas services, does not refer to Jesus but to one of Isaiah’s sons. Have we got things wrong? And yet others give Isaiah the title ‘The gospel according to Isaiah’ because it gives insights into the person and work of Christ. Isaiah is also seen as a mini bible as it is divided into 39 chapters that have a dominant note of judgement and 26 chapters focusing on grace. Join me as we are awed by the holiness and justice of God, and to anticipate his final salvation."

Have your Bible ready, bring an open and enquiring mind and as always plenty of questions. 

Join us before 6.30pm in church, or on the St Mark's' Facebook page.

Resources from the session:

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