St Mark's Gillingham


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St Mark's Church building open for worship


Worship Service - Sunday 9th October at 10.30am 

Please join us in person or online. 

The Standing Committee, on behalf of the PCC, has reviewed the latest Church of England Covid guidance and highlight some points below for St Mark's.   We encourage everyone to show love to each other by respecting other attendees and those who may wish to adopt a more cautious approach than your own

FACE Coverings - Although it is no longer a requirement to wear a mask whilst in the building, you are of course welcome to wear one if you prefer to.  A mask can be provided if required on arrival at the building.

HAND SANITISING - Hand sanitizer will be available to use as you enter and leave the building and at other times if required.

SEATING - in church has been arranged to allow for additional spacing in some areas for those who may wish to be more socially distanced. 

THE CRECHE - The creche room will remain available for parents and minders to take young children into should they wish. The service will be broadcast in the room.  Please bring your own toys etc, as we will not be providing anything that will be shared by other children.

THE OFFERING - If you would prefer not to handle the collection bag, you may place your offering in the box at the back of church either before or after the service should you so wish.

Please note services will continue to be live streamed on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel.