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24/7 Prayer  


Many of you will already know about the 24/7 Prayer Movement ( and I know that a number of us use the Lectio 365 app each day.  Some of you will have been at St Mark's for the 24/7 Prayer Encounter we held in Sept 2019 ... well, we're doing it all again!

24-7 prayer 2021



21st - 28th November 2021
6am - midnight each day. 


The church will be open for prayer from the morning service on Nov 21st until the morning service on Nov 28th. The whole week will be divided into hourly slots, and some hours will contain led sessions - morning reflections, worship, creativity, Scripture reading, etc.  However, the vast majority of the time will be free for you to come and pray as the Lord leads, either on your own or with family/friends. Don't worry. There will be lots of resources for you to use, plus five or six prayer stations set up to aid your prayers.


What better way to take a step back after this crazy and challenging Covid season, to take a deep breath, and listen for God's still small voice? We have specifically sandwiched our Prayer Encounter between the end of the 'Ruthless Elimination of Hurry' series and the start of Advent, a time of preparation.


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Here are just some of the ways you can be part of this project:
  • Help with practicalities - set up / packing away / checking the tea & biscuit supplies. 
  • Volunteer to 'man' the church for a few hours to welcome people (always a minimum of two people). We will have 168 hours to cover.
  • Consider leading an early morning reflection or evening compline.
  • Bring your gifts to the fore by leading an hour.



Q: Will church activities still be happening?
Yes. Please be aware that the following activities will take place in church that week. You are still welcome to come and pray during these times:

Sun 21st  REVIVE 4-5.30pm
Tues 23rd  Open Church 10am-12pm
  Craft Club 10am-12pm
  Lunch 12-1pm
  Little Eden 1-3pm
Wed 24th  Dementia Cafe 1-3pm
  Youth Choir 5-7pm
Thurs 25th  Foodbank  
Sat 27th  Standing in the Gap 7-8am

Q: Do I have to pray by myself?
A: No. You are most welcome to come for a time of personal prayer; however, you may also wish to come with a friend, as a family, with your Trio or House Group.

Q: Do I have to pray in silence?
A: Prayer is a dialogue with our Father God that can take many forms: silence, spoken, artistic. We want you to have the freedom to discover new ways of praying. We simply ask that you are respectful of others using the church as the same time.

Q: Will there be any prayer guidance?
A: Yes. Throughout the week there will be some led-sessions of prayer using various forms, plus a number of prayer stations for you to engage with – more information coming soon! There will also be a resource table.    

Q: Do I have to arrive on the hour and pray for a whole hour?
A: Although the week has been planned in hourly slots, it is not compulsory to arrive on the hour. However, during the very early or very late times it is helpful for security purposes for us to have some form of structure. You don’t have to stay for the whole hour, however, experience has shown us that many are surprised by how quickly the time can go by.

Q: What if I want to pray in the middle of the night?
A: For security reasons, those wanting to pray between the hours of 10pm – 6am are asked to notify us in advance. Please do this by emailing Lynne Martin ( or texting (07778 567097)

Q: Will I be on my own in the church?
A: No. People will be manning the church for the purpose of welcome and security. Please note, if the door is locked there is a doorbell attached to the external notice board on the right of the door.

Q: Is the 24/7 Prayer Encounter suitable for children?
A: Yes. 24/7 is suitable for young and old alike. One of our prayer stations will be a ‘Colour the Bible’ station. Chris Cordle will also be facilitating two led-prayer sessions:


Mon 22nd  7-8pm Teens Prayer (ages 11-18)
Tues 23rd 6-7pm Pray in your Pyjamas (ages 3-10



Well, that is just a very brief overview. Any Questions?
We would value hearing your thoughts. We would love to be inundated with volunteers.
Would you please respond to Lynne Martin at:
Many thanks,
07778 567097