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Sunday Evenings - Bible Teaching Stream 

Open Bible

Welcome to the resources for the Sunday evening Bible Teaching Stream.   These study evenings have now been moved to online streaming, starting from June 14th, after a break in April and May.
We still aim to mix in-depth teaching of the Bible with the accessibility of being able to question the Bible teacher, and make comments from the online platform which to begin with will be the St Marks' Facebook page.  The evening is designed to be informal and accessible to all, and unfortunately the drinks and biscuits will only be available throughout the evening if you provide them yourself!

We have a range of different people teaching and leading both from within St Mark's and from other churches.  Currently we are looking at one whole book of the Bible in one evening, but don't worry! the teaching part will only be 30 to 45 minutes, with about 30 minutes of questions and discussion after, always finishing before 8pm.

For the evenings so far, use the links on the right here in this grey box

They will take you to a page with the audio of the teaching, and of the question time, and any other resources the speaker has provided such as their PowerPoint.  The most recent is at the top of the list.
Once we have started streaming, hopefully we will have videos as well as, or instead of, just audio.


Next time...   12 July 2020 6.30pm 

                        Graham Wilkins looking at both the letters of Paul to the Thessalonians


Graham Wilkins, 12/05/2020