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Kitchen Project

In 2022 we want to start construction of our new kitchen.



This will enable and facilitate mission and ministry in the years to come.  A kitchen will make it possible for us to be a more welcoming church, as well as aiding in general hospitality it will make make a huge difference in growing and nurturing the following ministries:

Open Church 
Children’s Work
Youth Work
Peace & Hope,
The Alpha Course
Cinema Club
Midweek communion
His Majesty’s Gospel Choir
Men’s Group
Prayer Ministry
Parent and Toddlers
Who Let the Dad’s Out
Student Ministries
SDF Church Plants



Currently the building does have a kitchen, this is very small and is unable to provide any catering facilities. The current size is only able to provide refreshments and is located in an awkward part of the church restricting its access to the main worship space. We have identified this as one of the things which we feel hinder our mission. 


A new kitchen can be created in the corner of the worship space (see diagram below). The creation of a new kitchen here would not hinder future building development phases and therefore would be a meaningful first phase, and work which would not need to be undone at a later date. 

New Kitchen


It is estimated that the total cost of the kitchen would be in the region of £75,000, including fees.  While we hope to secure some grant funding towards this, it is likely that the majority of the cost will need to be met by voluntary giving

This cost is for a kitchen which could be used to serve refreshments and reheat food and prepare basic meals. This would include the removal, stripping out of the church floor, the creation of connections to the existing drains, laying the new floor, creating the new timber structure with a ceiling, new solid timber fire door and fire rated serving shutter. This would also provision of new kitchen units and worktops, new sink and the services such as water and power, which the space would need.


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